Scott was born and grew up in the former mining town of Hemsworth, West Yorkshire. Scott did not begin writing songs until he was about 18 or 19 years’ old.  It was about this time he was given his first guitar by Peter Spence which inspired a new journey in Scott’s life.

Scott’s influences in music included The Stone Roses, Ian Brown, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Oasis, Jimi HJendrix, The Shadows, Coldplay, Johnny Cash and many, many more.  Scott always enjoyed taking his music to the streets, busking around Wakefield, Barnsley and Whitby.  It was through these sessions he got the feedback about the songs he wrote.  He would tell you that his journey on the road to writing and recording his debut album had been a long and arduous one, allowing him to meet many weird and wonderful people along the way.  Some of Scott’s early recordings were done at a studio in Wakefield during a very difficult and turbulent period in his young life.  As Scott would tell you, he engaged in many boozy, dopey sessions that jettisoned him into a dark bizarre world.  The fact is that people who loved him did not recognise him and for a while Scott totally lost himself and his true friends.  However, throughout this period, Scott continued to write his songs depicting his deep inner feelings and experiences.  It has to be said that, to his credit, Scott never lost his enthusiasm for his music or his belief in himself, even when cynics laughed and told him it was simply the pipedreams of boozy fantasies. Scott emerged from this period certain that the sounds in his head would guide him back with new dimension coupled with his self-belief and determination to fulfil his ambition - ‘record and release a debut album of his own work’ for the world to hear.  Once again, however, fate stepped in.  After a recording session in a Wakefield studio, Scott was involved in a serious road traffic accident on his way home.  The accident left him fighting for his life.  He suffered a severe brain injury and his road to recovery was full of life-changing experiences.  Following the accident, Scott’s family continued to encourage him to focus, once again, on his music.  Scott worked extremely hard to regain strength and his determination and self-belief regarding his music, proved invaluable as he continued to reclaim his life.  Synchronicity led Scott to Daren Ibbetson’s music studio where, together, they completed the debut album of Scott’s songs – ‘Journey through my sound’. 

During Scott’s difficult uphill recovery he suffered depression and mood swings but with love and support he got through the desperate times.  With continued determination and strength he carried on with his music - not just for himself but for the benefit of others.  Scott wanted to help and support vulnerable people who were fighting demons (mental health illness, brain injuries, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc, etc.)  Despite his own illness, he performed at charity events/concerts, busked around local towns and cities raising funds for others less fortunate

Devastatingly, yet again, fate dealt another cruel blow to Scott.  He was diagnosed with cancer.  After a long, brave fight Scott lost his final battle in August 2013 at the young age of 36 but his inspiration lives on and the charity continues to work hard to inspire and provide support to those in need and, also, their carers.